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We provide satisfactory solutions to our clients in areas such as mining, environment, geotechnics, agroindustry and construction, all under the strictest safety, quality and environmental controls.

Geo-x is a company dedicated to providing solutions in different areas of Geosciences, with emphasis on the development of technologies and products to respond to global needs.

We are the exclusive representatives of Transient Technologies in Chile, Peru, Paraguay and the United States

Our Products

We train your staff so that you have the necessary tools to obtain quality results in your surveys.


  • Search for pipes and communication objects;
  • Examination of engineering construction (building basement, dams, etc.);
  • Investigation of man-caused accident areas;


  • Real time signal pre-processing (Online filtering)
  • Auto-calibrated online filters
  • Wide range of post processing tools


  • Concrete and brick structure inspection;
  • Cable and pipes detection
  • Examination of engineering construction (building walls and fondations, etc);


  • Research of geological structures;
  • Search for pipes and communication objects;
  • Examination of engineering construction (building basements, dams, etc.);


  • Real time signal pre-processing (Online filtering)
  • Automatic-Calibrated online filters
  • Wide range of post processing filters


  • GPR consists of 2 separate antenna units: transmitter and receiver
  • Direct connection of Measuring wheel and GPS to antenna unit
  • Receiver antenna unit can be connected to laptop through    Wi-Fi or USB
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  • GPR allows you to find a location, to measure a deposition depth of underground pipes and cables, and other infrastructure items. The unique property of GPR - they can find both metallic and non-metallic items with an equal efficiency.
    Pipes and cables
  • In the field of construction and infrastructure, GPR application makes it possible to have the most detailed topography of undergrounding. GPR helps people to discover ground water location, old underground passages and cavities remains, and karst layers.
    Civil Engineering
  • VIY3 Ground Penetrating Radars allow people to have a topography of subterrain structure down to 15 meters. That is in a great use for underground water exploration, searching for harmful chemical pollutions and underground cavities finding.
    Geology and environment

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